Nick Kengmana

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    Helping shape a society beyond scarcity.

    I believe that a scarcity mindset is the core reason for most problems in society today.

    Humanity, as a species, now has the capability to provide all the resources necessary for every human on earth to have a high quality of life.


    Scarcity has been a key driver of progress for the human species, but we've reached a point where there no longer is true scarcity in our ability to provide enough for every human to have food, shelter, education, healthcare, opportunity, safety etc.

    Now scarcity and a scarcity mindset are no longer necessary and detrimental to the species, holding us collectively back and causing suffering around the world.

    My career mission is to help shape a society where this no longer happens.


    I am doing this through building a community of purpose-driven leaders, being a thought leader, and supporting founders and investors with their purpose, professional success and personal sanity helping maximize their chance of having a large-scale positive impact with their startups.

  • What I'm working on.

    Leave every place, person and situation better than you found them.

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    Go Beyond Ventures

    Helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs change the world.

    I help purpose-driven startups understand their mission, tell their story and develop their strategy.
    Most importantly, I then help them fundraise & execute.
    Beyond my skills & experience, I leverage my network on behalf of the startups I am helping driving them business, capital, partners & expertise their way.


    Email nick@kengmana.com if you are looking for help.

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    Beyond Dinner

    Conversations worth having. People worth meeting.

    Beyond Dinner is an invitation-only dinner series with the mission of creating a community of purpose-driven leaders from different disciplines in order to co-create solutions to society's biggest challenges.
    I also collaborate with event producers and company and community leaders to create Beyond Dinners for their audiences.

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    Helping people live a life of purpose.

    Everyone wants to live a life of purpose. Few can tell you what that purpose is.
    We help startup founders to understand what their purpose, passion, and priorities are. For a free first step:

    Write your own obituary.

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    Dangerously inspirational.

    I speak on beyond scarcity, purpose, entrepreneurship & being a global citizen.

    I'd love to help inspire your team or your audience to believe they can change the world & give them actionable insights into how they can.

    Email with opportunities.

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    Global Citizen - Global Mindset

    5 continents and counting

    I have the good fortune of having traveled to over 45 countries and worked in 5 continents.

    This gives me an understanding of cultures around the world and a drive to help the whole world rather than just one country.

  • Recommendations

    The word around town

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    Carlo Cisco

    Founder & CEO - SELECT Innovations

    I had the pleasure of working with Nick for over a year. The quick summary: he's extremely motivated, passionate, hardworking, intelligent, and ready to tackle any problem or issue.

    Nick is incredibility talented organizationally, in a matter of weeks he changed inefficient processes and systems that weren't built to scale to systems that were sophisticated but easy to use that we still rely on today years later.

    The passion piece is paramount in a startup environment and with Nick, it radiates. His energy and positivity enable not only him to do great work, but those around him as well.

    Nick appreciates and even welcomes, a challenge. This is also critical in a fast-paced environment. He'll be among the first to think of creative solutions and to support those suggested by others.

    Overall, I highly, highly recommend him.

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    Michael Blunt

    Founder & CEO - The C3 Method

    Nick was one of the first consultants we brought onboard to help build out our (the C3 Method) early stage strategy and roadmap/pitch deck.

    You could tell he's been doing this for years! He even wrote a follow up document detailing next steps in the process, copy edits, and recommendations on who to speak with next (this was not part of the agreement). He has a mastery of business strategy, business structure, sales, marketing, partnerships (I met him while he was growing SELECT partnerships and was impressed, which is why we hired him for our own business) and how to appeal to investors that might have other wise looked us over.

    I have an MBA northwestern Kellogg School of Management, and couldn't tell the difference between him and one of my classmates. Nick gets it, is laser focused, and is a machine when it comes to strategy and investor principles. In our next stage of development, we will definitely be calling him immediately. Amazing work Nick!